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The Process of Writing

The process of writing

Let's express the idea

For me perssonally, writing is not about brain power and your cleverness. It is about how your different point of view about something written down with unique ideas. Smart people are not being guarranted they will be able to produce great idea about writing. Even you are beginner you don't need to worry about local experience, because your skill will increase from constant training. I believe if great writers is not success because natural forces. They became big writers because practicing for time to time and working hard to make opus masterpiece. Every single person has their own powerful ideas, but they found out some difficulty when it comes to be words. That was very lamentable when you have some great ideas but you could not be able to make it into well-text form. So in this post I would like to show you about the professional writing's formula and some tip to help you to make great written forms.

1) Brain Storming

The technical term of "the brain storming" out of writing is to escalate a certain topic and generate as many ideas as possible. Feel free of your thoughts beacause writing is freedom, and you should to explore all the whole of ideas about one topic. Try to explore some ideas inside your brain in the comfortable state without any pressure. Still focus on your topic, but just relaxes and let your thougts flow together as flowing spring. Avoid do write when you are in bad mood, because the gist of your thougts can be blocked, and the result will be worst. Just write a lot of ideas without worrying about your paragraphs because this is not the time to evaluate how good or bad they are.

Get a load at this example of notes from a brainstorming session about a person's experience in "a great heavy metal music concert".

August 7th 2014- Wacken, a small town in northern Germany- yearly basis festival- deliverence
Open the wild gate, friend !
almost 80,000 metalheads- big Eruopean bands performing amazing sound from the beast - heaven manifesation for every fan in a stage as blasting as hell.
my dream ?
More than 30 citizens, different countries, unite with one black flag.
A lot of people sold things all about metal such as accessories, merchendise, T-shirt, music album and so on.
Hot chicks bring so much fun - People from different nations, different languanges, different culture became one in one tend.
Chaotic concerts -large mosh pit - extereme wall of death - brutal headbanging. Mud party.
violence ?
When American thrash metal band, Slayer, performed their controversial song entitled "Angel of Death", an Israeli audience hoisting Israel national flag. amazing- That song lyric told about Joseph Mengele the Angel of Death, well known as NAZI's officer who killed a dosen of Jewish people at World war II.
Israeli flag in German ?
Histories background is not the matter, in that place they are known as metal tribes.
Even that concert went on brutal state as usual, tehere was no fight, no gangbang and still conducive.
Heaven Shall Burn, melodic metalcore from German, also got huge appreciation from audiens.
Finnish death metal band Children of Boddom finally perform a great show again in Wacken Germany after 6 years.
Taiwanese advant-grade folk metal band, Chthonic, became the only Asian band that has been performed in Wacken.
Dangerous black metal band of Norwegia, Behemoth, still use their anti-christ ideology in their music. They shock people with scary paint corpses on their face.
Amon Amarth, death metal band who so much influnced by famous writer J.r.r Tolkien and Viking histories in their music, invited to permorm in Wacken again - Viking lovers really contended - You can see some bodies of audience use viking helms, Viking symbols and anoter things realated with Viking    mythology.
German inhabitants are very delight in beer- 3 days beer parties to a row/ 3days 4 night festival- but you can find some drink without alcohol.
People who don't know metal only can judge metal as something worthless- They didn't understand if what looks like metal actually.

Organize those ideas about your paragraph by "mind-mapping"; escalate topic outlines to expand the main idea and search any related information to support your topic. Develop your thougts in some facts and opinions which make sense for your work. To make clear about your main idea, youn can use "tree diagram” to organize the crucial information about "a great heavy metal music concert". For example :

Those possible ideas above will give more clarity of deatail of your paragraph.

2) Drafting

For the next step is drafting. This part is also to be significant part of successful writing. Nobody gets it right for the first time, and there is no instant success at the outset fot beginners. Make sure to read again and again from the top to the tie for your skeleton of paper. Make changes and corrections before you consider it finished. Sometime more little times away from a process of writing can make all clear over as well as clarity.
Re-write your paragraph to upgrade the completeness of your work by observate them once again. The main process of rewriting separated into two parts ; revising and editing. Those parts will be much easier with the progression of computers. Don't be afraid to use your cut and paste key and always  move things back. You can check your paragraph by online revising system at ( Revising is also being the part to make your content of your work become greatly improved. Revision is the process of looking back on your creation and make sure to say what you wanted to say. Think back for your title, because the reader will be extrated with cool, great, sensational and scarce title. Makes some of important points which are contained in your paragraph be more specific. Feel as if you gave the effect of a writer and also a reader all at once.
The second steps of rewriting that is must be done is editing. Check your creation carefully to make sure the spelling, capitalization, punctuation, vocabulary, and grammar are correct. I recommend for you to correct your work by online instant grammar checker on ( Just to make it more better.

3) Finalizing

At this point finally your text be already finished. After completed previous sections of the brain storming and made drafting, now write your note at all for the best. So from all of the steps above, the final text will be :

Wacken 2014 : 25 years louder than hell 

Like a small village that treasuring up a nuclear weapon, every years Wacken have always served amazing gigantic heavy metal shows. Wacken is just a quiet small town and situated at northern Germany, but at every August this place will be widly crowded with metal music fans. Wacken always set wheels in motion about music festivals to bang up every metalhead. The visitor is approximately 85,000 metalheads in large measure from every European and American countries including some of few metalheads from Asian.
This year the headliner who performed in Wacken are big metal bands like Slayer, King Diamond, Avantasia, Apocalyptica, Behemoth, Arch Enemy, and Children of Bodom. Even with various sub-genre, different vision, and idealism in their music and also different citizens with diffenrent countries, they still unite with one black flag.

Wacken also supports underground band from independent movement towards sells a lot of metal things related to the band. Metalhead put down Wacken as the manifesation of heaven, because everything that they wanted for being available in here. You can find every metal band T-shirt, music albums, magazines, and many more. Tour and festival event are the main way as essences of live for metal musicians to stay alive. Right now on metal has been developed as the part of globalization and not only dominated by menfolk like their first rule around 80s. In Wacken, a lot of metal chicks exactly became tractive power in itselves. Their present by being apart of Wacken make that festival rounded into more enthusiasic. Every metalheads thought highly of differences and also respected the others even their ideology is different. You can go to meet black metal guys who consists gruesomely anti-christianity people with corpse paint ornament on the face like Satan. A pack of liberal heavy metal groups with masculinity looks and specific worn-out clotch. A lot of melancholic gothic fans which it seems look like the angel of the darkness. Drunken power metal fans that will tell you much about histories and freedom. Folk/viking metal which parted with a large meassure of Scandinavian, Slavian, and Hungarian people. Youth metalcore kids with boys will be boys vison who loving crossover and core music so much. You also can find death metal fans with brutal and stolid figures who be nut about contentedly psychopatic murderer. So many things about metal and metalhead can be found in Wacken.

Wacken festival usually ran on 3 days in a row with more than 30 shows, and every year the tickets always sold out. The concert that goes on alaways become chaotic and brutal as hard music lovers expected. Audiences do some ways to enjoy the concert by moshing dance with large mosh pit, extreme wall of death, and deangerous stage diving. Even so, the possibilities of injured were really rare happened, there were no fight or even gangbang. Metalhead has the rule by procedure of costumary law to never try to hurt the others on purpose. In the concert they can wipe out the problems and keep the surfeits away for a while.

This year something unique was happened. When American thrash metal band, Slayer, performed their controversial song entitled "Angel of Death", an Israeli audience hoisting Israel natonal flag. How could not we recognize that as interesting case ?. That song lyrics told about Joseph Mengele, who well known as NAZI's officer who killed a dozen of Jewish people at world war II by cruel genocide. So the conclucion is; histories backround is not the matter, in that palce they just known as metal tribes whatever it was. And what is more Taiwanese advant-grade folk metal band, Chthonic, put down their history in Wacken. They became the first and the only Asian band who has been performed twice in Wacken. This year also became Heaven Shall Burn's year, because this German Metalcore band got huge appreciation from all the whole audiens.

Although so many metal music festivals have been built in many countries, Wacken is still the hard-die dream and destination for every metal fans in this world. This place is really looking like horrible location, but you will really save at any cost because metal actually is the pacifist music. German and the other European inhabitants are very delight in beer and alcohol. They really like do chat with someone while drinking beer. In wacken you will find a lot of drink bars which serving any kind of large beer, ginger ale, and root beer. Find some single chicks, enjoy the music, buy some merchandise, left out all of the pressure in live and feel comfortable as much as they (metalheads) do.

Some tips:
-Try to use sensational title to atrract the reader
-Make blast and outsopken words  in order that reader will be more satisfied

4) Proof Reading

At last but not least makes your final work is more better by proof reading. Proof reading is examining your text conscientiously to find  and repair some errors and common mistakes in grammar, punctuation, abbreviation, and so on. Show your work to your mate or every disposed person as proof readers to read your wook and vouchsaf to give some corrects. The more feedback and revisions which you get from people will begin to see how to improve your work.

Sources :

a) Writing to Communicate 2: Paragraphs and Essays (3rd Edition) by Cynthia Boardman and Jia Frydenberg

b) My experiences as die-hard metal music fans


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