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Narrative Story : AZAZEL OF HELL


By Okiang Lista Luhung

1.1 Welcome to the free show

A mysterious man, with horrible scars in his mouth, walked away on dirty narrow streets like the shadow dancing behind the fire.  Natural light from the moon showed him a path of his traiped way. Cheapness cigarete in the mouth, vodka in left hand and classic revolver in right hand, the voice in alcohol guided him to somewhere. Finally he arived closing by cops cars and shouted to call someone in the car. Just a few seconds a fat local police got out and saw around, 
who dares you call my name primitively?”, he said. 
The man got closer and begun to speak. Like the beast blackbird that showed no fear, 
I won’t introduce myself to worthless fat pig”, he replied while drank slowly his vodka.
The police immediately got very angry and toke his black jack from the back. His face turned into red,
Do you know with whom you talk ha !?”. 
With bulged eyes he quickly aimed his black jack to the man’s head. His attack was missed many times and frightened out of with the way the man’s duck out.  The man still stayed cool and responded with threaten by pointing his revolver. The police became so to tremble with fear, cold sweat drip from his wide head, he felt hard to speak any words.
Ok..ok...don’t shoot (threw away his black jack and hands up quickly), please, I still have youg daughter, please don’t hurt me” said the Police with all of tremble. 
The man looked like didn’t give the damn, and pulled his revolver’s trigger ready to shoot. He gazed at the ground thought about something, and.....”dooorrr...!!!”.  The Police shot him first with opening fire on glock pistols which had been prepared in his vest-pocket. But the police became more sixes and sevens because The man was not an earthly hurt.
What the..?”, The police wonder why his shot was invulnerable at him. Doooorrr...!!!!, The man’s revolver vomited a bullet stabbed The Police’s right thigh.
Aaaarghhh..”, Shouted the Police that directly collapse with froze on to his thigh.
You can not take the king on your first turn, the silence of the night is my soul”, said The man with sharp eye stared down The Police’s face. 
Then the sky was becoming darker with high wind, the brutal  strom stroke around far distance. When the flash of lightning flashed, The man’s face became looked so clearly. The Police really shooked when saw The man’s face briefly and sureprised.
You?...”, said the Police with low intonation.
 In several weeks The man’s face was in everywhere existed in newspaper headlines, wanted posters that said : “wanted death or death”, television shows, and so on. He was the dangerous public enemy number one and became primary fugitive for The Police local department.
Yeah, it is me, and I will give you an exclusive ticket to the hell”.
Why you did that to me ?, What is my fault ?”, said the Police.
You used your freedom as malfeasance and maintained law at one’s own discretion, I knew you in collaboration with Don quixote for dealing drugs business. I will very proud if killed a scum of society like you”, said The man.
Please, I admitted my fault, please forgive me, I will give you money at any amount, please”, said The Police that more and more palefaced.
Fuufufufu...,sorry, I am the incarnation of Themis, I can not eat money”....(and he began to shoot)..dooorrr !!!!, a shot in kidney that made the Police not dead quickly. Might be he only had 10-15 left caused a serious bleeding. “Take a look to my face and remember me in hell”, The man ended his conversation. The police was at the last gasp with irregular breathing, his breath so slowly and slowly. The man opened his Vodka’s bottle and poured it water to the Police body, put his lighter and stoked a cigaret before burned the Police dead-body.

Mad murderer, six weeks became death or death fugitive and punishment by sentenced to death that always frightened. FBI, CIA, INTERPOOL and the other inteligent services hunted him down, but so far no one of them could be able caught him. Fast as the wind, invisible like a ghost, briliant self-defense technicque, this man was really a noxious snake in the grass. Some say if he used mystical or supernatural power in every actions. Police also hard to trace his movement because the murder target was not certain and he did random homicidal. His name was Azazel. First moment, he was supposed by CIA killing a famous porn stars woman with chopped her head. After that he killed a widower officeholder by blown up his stomach. Then he slew away an insurance business owner by hanging his body on top of his company. The psychologist said that actually he had been experienced in psychopatical addicted. Did something evil might be made him happy and even happier. Five days preivously, he robbed a bank and hostaged the bank manger, but he just robbed a bank to burn out all of the money and some of the rest used to render a service for poor people.

Dave Mustaine, a handsome man, as the special agent of FBI lead the case and worked hard as well as possible he able. He had a big passion to catch that public enemy number one and promised would hunt him down at any cost. The State National Defense gave Mustaine exsclusive equipment for hunting such as hi-tech cars, comprehensive military offense weapons, a computer proggamer, and some professional crew. He knew that it was not easy, but he had determined to do.

1.2 World...this was my live

All begun in Sinechester Country, Skynesia at 1890, a quiet small town which had so much great natural resources. Every inhabitant that lived there was very prosperous, safety, religious and respectful. There was lived a happiness family that had a huge sugar estate, and the owner was a generous man, Mr. Jeff Hanneman. One day, an annonymous company which claim themselves as national corporation came into Hanneman. They came into Hanneman’s home with several bodyguards weearing cutaway and their style looked like an inteligence agent. One of their delegation said if they want to buy Hanneman’s sugar estate because in that fields had been founded a mass of uranium mine. Hanneman saw dammed hell first their request and didn’t agree with them even they were coerced.

One week later, Hanneman and his family killed by the gun in his own house. His wife and  two daughters died wretchedly near his body with bullet wounded, but his youngest daughter, Jason Hanneman, was  survived because he was in holliday when the homicide was going on. The Police was not completed the murdered case and until right now has been not found who was the murderer actually. Surprisingly, a moment later Hanneman’s sugar estate was built an uranium mine working and a nuclear reactors experiment. But when the project was running on seven years, the reactors blew out because an accident. The radio-active essence almost killed all the whole of Sinechester’s citizens. Unhappily, the Stateside of Skynesia and Mr. President provided a cover for that accident, so the world never knew anything.

At thirteen, Jason who was lost all the members of his family grew up as taciturn and peculiar kid. He adopted by a poor family who had no kid and subjected Jason very worst as an animal. His drunken step father always coerced him to work for money. Everyday Jason must be worked hard to defray himself as newspaper boys, and sometimes he required some food to his neighbours. Slowly, Jason lost his faith about propriety and justice in his life. When he was in teenager fase, he attacked his school-headmaster with baseball cane because the headmaster dropped him out because Jason could not be able to pay school’s cost. Because his brutality development, some people called him “Azazel” (in some traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam — as the name for a fallen angel or demon.).

One day Jason went to the jungle to search some free food. When he walked away around one hundred feet, inadvertently he found a strange thing seemed like a flat dark-red stone. When he touched it, the stone was in luminous flame and there was a curlicue that written “Valhalla – Fryene fremman feond on helle”. Then he started to read the words, but when he done read it, the words canged into “smorde det med rtersom hindrar ödet för mänskligheten”. After he read that, he heard a mysterious voice that said “You are the chosen one to change sinner people, fullfil your desteny and fight with my power as a blind guardian”.  Jason suddenly in fear and threw away that stone as far as possible. He ran quickly to get back and tried to kept away from the jungle. But he did not recognize if actually he was running in wrong dirrection, he ran into the death – ends and he did not predicted if he felt into the valley 300 m high. He felt very hard, his head stroke big stone many times and lied uncoscious with eyes closed. Half an hour later he woke up with clotch frayed and casted eye over his head,
um...I am still okay ?, (he mused), I dead ?”. He was not injuried and the stone that he threw away before now bound in his hand. The mysterious voice came again arround him,
Only hesistancy that can kill you, no one weapons can hurt you”, The sound of mysterious voice reverberated.
Who are you ?!..what do you want from me ?!”, Jason shouted.
  The mysterious voice was not giving the answer and gone off hand. And Jason felt something different with his body, he felt the big energy flowed in his blood. He could not believe the moment he wolked on because it was not making sense. He took a look to that stone and said “beautiful stone...I think I will sell you”.
After arrived again on the Town, Jason decided to go to the jewelry shop and intended to sell that stone. When he crossed the main street, a luxurious sport car droven by drunken driver conveyd with high speed and Jason did not recognize if that car got into him. Every person near Jason screams, “look out !!”. “Oh,no”, Jason was absolutely defecelessness apparent and closed his eyes and gave five fingers. Before hit Jason, suddenly the car flip out and crash back and forth because the energy of Jason’s fingers. The crowd got confused and just quiet in silent. Jason just lighted out avoid the scene of action. In his mind, hi said,
 “Crap, what the heck was going on ?!,”. Then he picked the stone from his back pocket, “may be this stone save my life”, he said with tensely. 
Finally he decided not to sell that stone. Then he checked his fingers again, he began to aim his fingers into a soft drink bottle in front of him. Nothing happened. He tried again, but still not happened anything. At last, he gave up and went to his favourite place in the wide cows farm with green view. He sat on the fence and saw the free beautiful things that made his hunger decreased. He took a look again to his fingers, sighed his breath and aimed his fingers to a fat cow with sharp stare.  “Moooooooo...”,like a got tornado wind that cow fly away to the sky very fast and felt down to the ground. Yes, that cow was going to fall died. “What the heck ?!”, Jason shouted very loud did not believe abaout what he saw.  “Oh my Lord, that cow is dead”, said Jason. As quick as possible Jason immediately left that place because he fear if the owner acused him.

Now everything was changed, Jason arised to be a horrible figure and buried alive all of his puerile. He became a natural born killer lika an angel of death with his power that finally could he controlled. Darker and more darker, evil, gore, blood, and flesh became one as Azazel. He would be flying free for hunted like a raven in the mid-night. This was the time for the angel with evil charisma to rise from the ground. 


This worthless story dedicated to Dave Mustaine, Jeff Hanneman, Blind Guardian, and Marvell.


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